Spion Kopje from Falls Creek, VIC

You’ve got to love this one …. If your income came from running a large ski business, do you think it would be worth tracking what trends are happening in your industry? And if anyone and everyone was saying that climate change was going to impact on the future and possibly even the viability of your business, do you think that maybe you might look into what’s coming?

Obviously not everyone works that way. Here’s some choice quotes from Mick Klima, co-owner of the Rhythm Snowsports megastore in Cooma, courtesy of Powerhound magazine.

(Does climate change worry you?) “I’m with [British politician] Lord Monckton on that one, mate. That guy’s got it together. It’s a scam. It’s the new religion. It’s become too politicised and too emotional”. Which does beg the question, does ignoring it because its ’emotional’ make it go away?

“I’m not into the masses being manipulated by fear. There’ll always be something that politicians use to manipulate the way the public’s money is spent”.

(Will it impact on your business?) “It won’t happen in my lifetime. I hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime.”

Yeah, well, good luck with that one Mick.