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Australian mountain climber Lincoln Hall has died from mesothelioma. He was 56.

The world-renowned mountaineer, who was a member of the 1984 first Australian Everest expedition, died “peacefully” in a Sydney hospital yesterday, Simon Baulderstone, chairman of the Australian Himalayan Foundation, said.

A well-known writer and adventurer, Hall lived in the Blue Mountains and was a founding director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

He was best known for his miraculous survival after he became confused and collapsed near the summit of Mt Everest on May 25, 2006. A rescue attempt was made by sherpas, but they were told to leave Hall and return to camp for the night. Hall’s expedition team released a statement to his friends and families the following morning that he had died on the mountain. Incredibly, he was found alive by another team after 12 hours exposed on the mountainside.

“Sitting to our left, about two feet from a 10,000 foot drop, was a man,” UK climber Myles Osborne said. “Not dead, not sleeping, but sitting cross-legged, in the process of changing his shirt. “‘I imagine you’re surprised to see me here,’ he said.

“Now, this was a moment of total disbelief to us all. Here was a gentleman, apparently lucid, who had spent the night without oxygen at 8600m, without proper equipment and barely clothed. And alive.” The team stayed with Hall until a rescue team of 12 sherpas arrived to help him to safety.

Hall became a celebrity on his arrival back home, featuring in several documentaries and writing a book about his ordeal, Dead Lucky.

He is survived by his wife and two sons.