Girl rescued after 5m hiking fall


Cross Cut Saw

The following report comes from The Weekly Times, journalist:  Sarah Scopelianos |  November 26, 2012

A 15-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl was flown to hospital today after sliding off a hiking track in the Baw Baw National Park while with a school group.

The girl was part of a group of nine students and teachers who were hiking between Mt Buggery and Mt Hewitt (sic) when the accident happened.

The girl slid about 5m down a rock face and landed on a ledge.

An Ambulance Victoria spokesman said a paramedic was lowered on to the ledge from the Air Ambulance to stabilise the girl and then the pair were winched to safety.

The service was called at 10.09am to Wabonga, near Mansfield.

He said the girl had neck and back complaints and cuts.

She was flown to the Latrobe Regional Hospital in a stable condition.

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