Shortly after the election of the Coalition to power, the Mountain Cattleman’s Association of Victoria (September 17, 2013) issued a call for the new Federal government to overturn the current ban on grazing in the Alpine Park in Victoria.

Cattle-dont-belong-in-national-parks-their-National-ParksIn response, a spokesperson for Gippsland MHR Darren Chester said the federal government would “look at the issue should the state government put it forward”.

“Darren is still fully supportive (of cattle grazing) and we would be happy to take it to the party room if and when it happens.”

Such an action would be consistent with Mr Abbott’s intention to get rid of ‘green tape’ (ie, environmental protections), thereby removing the federal government from involvement in most key environmental decision making processes. It was only intervention by the previous Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, that saw the removal of the cattle after they were introduced by the Victorian government.

If this troubles you, please contact the new Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, making it clear you would not support such a move.




Possible tweet:

Congratulations to new Enviro Minister @GregHuntMP Darren Chester says Gov will look at ending grazing ban. No cattle in the Alpine Park.