The following comes from the Victorian National Parks Association.

IMGP5971The Victorian Government’s decision to open up the state’s national parks to development and private investment sets a dangerous new direction for our conservation reserves.

The policy essentially puts a ‘for sale’ sign on two thirds of Victoria’s national parks estate.

National parks and other conservation reserves protect our already depleted natural areas. They do not exist as money-making ventures for private hoteliers and or proponents of large-scale tourist accommodation.

National parks are the jewel in the crown of Victoria’s tourism industry, but we need to be careful that we don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Exposing our parks to tourism development could lead to irreversible damage to some of our most precious natural areas and undermine the integrity of our magnificent system of parks and reserves.

The primary role of national parks is the conservation of nature on behalf of all Victorians. Our parks were not created to end up as building sites for hotels and large-scale infrastructure that can only be used by a privileged few who can afford it.

Now, a group of 21 eminent Victorians including a former state governor, Nobel prize winner and leading academics have written an open letter to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, describing the privatisation of our national parks as a betrayal of public trust.

What can you do

Sign the petition: By signing the petition you will be joining the fight to protect Victoria’s national parks. Your name will be listed among thousands of others who stand together to win the campaign.