Image: Sustainable Melbourne
Image: Sustainable Melbourne

The Mt Buffalo chalet is more than a century old, and an icon of the Victorian mountains. There is nothing else remotely like it, inter twined as it is with the post invasion history of the Buffalo Plateau. The chalet is included in the Victorian Heritage Register for its architectural, historical and social significance.

It was closed in 2007, and has been in deterioration since then.

There have been various attempts to save the Chalet, get it renovated and reopened, but as time goes by, the damage to the building continues to grow, making any plan to re-open the whole building for accommodation ever more unlikely.

There are now plans to lift heritage protections to allow demolition of several sections of the lodge.

The Government wants to re-open the publicly-owned building as a visitor day centre and cafe in a $7.5 million restoration.

There is a good story from Chris McLennan of The Weekly Times about the current state of the Chalet and the plans to demolish part of it and reopen the front section of the building.