Ry Phipps in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
Ry Phipps in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

This is a great project. A group of back country skiers from Montana have joined together to make a film that looks at wilderness in their state – the first in the USA to create wilderness. Designated wilderness areas prohibit mechanised recreation like the use of snowmobiles. The US phenomena of ‘slednecks’ is a huge issue across a lot of the mountainous public lands in the ‘States.

They say:

Land of No Use is a two year documentary project using winter recreation to explore the value of Montana’s public lands.  The title comes from an old bumper sticker and slogan for opponents of wilderness designations (i.e. motorised recreation enthusiasts and timber corporations) that reads, “Wilderness = Land of No Use.”  The narrative of the land management debate will shadow that of a group of young athletes exploring terrain where humans are mere visitors, in a state named for its mountains.

The people behind the project recently successfully crowd sourced funds for the filming and production.

They plan to have it ready for distribution later this year.

Their blog has some great images and videos of their back country adventures.