So, after the ‘autumn break’ and decent rainfalls across the south east, we are finally steering towards cooler and wetter conditions which are expected to bring the first significant snowfalls of the year.

As reported on MountainWatch, the esteemed forecaster Grasshopper is quoted as saying:

“At this stage it’s looking like some snow worth mentioning – it’s plenty cold enough – but the totals won’t be crazy. Don’t expect this snow to stick around, at best it will ruin a few hiker’s days and help to cool the ground. But any ground-cooling event at this time of year is positive!”

‘So this mightn’t be a season-starter, but it’s worthwhile getting hyped about’. 

And the final analysis?

5 to 20cm across Friday/Saturday (Alert level: Confident).

Read the full report here.

The BOM is not quite so enthusiastic, forecasting ‘snow showers’ across much of the High Country over the next week.