10001434_807156965961438_7591415225312276971_nWEDNESDAY 21st MAY 2014, 530 to 700 PM

Hoogenraad Auditorium, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sciences


Hosted by the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology, La Trobe University

This Symposium will showcase how science answers questions about a current, highly topical management issue in the Australian Alps – the effects of livestock grazing on fire regimes of the Australian High Country.  The guest speakers will address globally important topics such as the evolution of Australia as a flammable continent, how weather and fuels determine fire regimes, fire-grazing interactions, and approaches to assessing the effectiveness of various fire management options, including alpine grazing. This is a public forum about an important land management issue, and there will be ample time for questions and discussion at the conclusion of the talks. The Symposium will be followed by drinks and nibbles.

This Symposium is a must for anyone with an interest in the ecology and management of the Australian Alps. Enquiries and reservations: femaa2014@gmail.com

Places are limited. RSVP: 15th May 2014