It’s almost mid June and we’re still waiting for winter to start!

Forecasts have been all over the place. Recently the Climate Council suggested winter would be warmer than normal. Not good news for snow lovers.

Earlier reports on this site quoted weather guru grasshopper as predicting ‘a mediocre to above average season’.

With the BOM now suggesting the expected El Nino event will not occur until early spring, perhaps things are looking up.

According to the Weekly Times:

Weather forecasters at the Bureau of Meteorology last week dramatically downgraded the fears of El Nino’s drying influence on the weather in southern Australia this year.

While the El Nino pattern could still form in spring, the conditions that originally caused scientists to issue the warning disappeared last month.

Falls Creek is especially brave with this recent prediction:

Like many on the mountain, we’re beginning to get a very good feeling about this Winter. Old hands say it feels a lot like 1991, the end of the last Cold War, when our dear frenemy El Nino looked like a double agent early on before confounding the pundits and pounding us with record snowfalls. The pattern looks encouragingly familiar this year. Fingers crossed.