The saga of the cable car planned for Mt Wellington/ Kunanyi, above Hobart, continues, with the revelation that some sections of the towers would be 75 metres high.

The following comes from local group Respect The Mountain. For background to this proposal, please check here.

July 6, 2014

Respect The Mountain were shocked to learn the heights of the towers for Section 2 of the proposed Cable Car development. Images supplied to Respect The Mountain show heights up to 75m for the development – greater in height than Tasmania’s tallest building, Wrest Point Casino.

The heights are marked on a plan labeled ‘Line Profile – Section 2’ with majority shareholder, Bullwheel IC3’s logo prominently featured in the top right corner.

Spokesperson Jason Turvey, questioned why the heights were hidden from the public. “Mt Wellington Cableway Co (MWCC) were more than happy to disclose technical data such as cabin capacity figures, rope diameters, travel times and speeds, as well as the length of the cable car and elevation so it seems odd that they would leave of information about the heights of the towers when obviously they had that information available.”

The three towers vary between 36 to 75m in height. The first tower in South Hobart will be 75m, the second 45m and the tower above the Organ Pipes will be 36m. The current Observation Shelter at the summit is approximately 5.5m in height

“The heights are enormous! To give perspective it’s like having a Wrest Point Tower (73m), followed by a Hydro Tasmania building (47m) and then a Marine Board Building (39m) sitting above the Organ Pipes.”

It is suspected that the heights were not revealed to the public for fear of further damaging their ‘social licence’ which has recently come under scrutiny.