In the latest development in the decades long saga over cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park, the new Victorian government has confirmed it has stopped the grazing trial established by the previous Coalition government.

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The following comes from Rob Harris at The Weekly Times.

VICTORIA’S mountain cattlemen say rational discussion about grazing’s role in fuel reduction has “gone out the window” after the Labor Government’s decision to end a three-year trial after one year.

Environment Minister Lisa Neville confirmed the Wonnangatta Valley trial had been cancelled. Ms Neville said the decision was in line with Labor’s policy and evidence that cattle grazing “was doing significant environmental harm” in Alpine national parks.

Mountain Cattlemen Association of Victoria’s pres­ident Charlie Lovick said Ms Neville was “disrespectful”. He said he had asked her not to make a “hasty” decision because the trial was “vastly different” from normal alpine grazing under rangeland conditions.

Alpine grazing was banned in Victoria in 2005 after a handful of scientific studies deemed it damaged rare ecosystems and did not reduce the threat of bushfire.

Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie called on Premier Daniel Andrews to allow the completion of a cattle grazing trial and “not succumb to the ignorant hysteria of city conservationists”.

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