The following comes from the Victorian National Parks Association.

Quite some time before cattle grazing was banned in the Alpine National Park, ‘Soil erosion and vegetation damage and disturbance in the alpine regions of Victoria caused by cattle grazing’ was listed as a ‘Potentially Threatening Process’ under Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

The draft Action Statement required by that listing has now been prepared by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

We strongly support the draft Action Statement, which clarifies the impacts of high country cattle grazing and outlines the necessary steps needed to manage and repair the damage.

The final action statement will remain as an important hurdle if any future government tries to return cattle to the Alpine National Park.

This is the most thoroughly researched and carefully prepared action statement we have yet seen. We endorse it completely. Notably, given the vast amount of research done on alpine ecosystems, the reference list supporting the proposed actions includes more than 100 published scientific papers.

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The draft Action Statement (as well as draft statements for the Dandenong Burrowing Crayfish, Master’s Snake, Martin’s Toadlet and Southern Shepherd’s Purse) is available on the Department of Environment and Primary Industries website while the new Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning develops its own website.

The draft is open for public comment until 19 July 2015. You can send your comments to: