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outdoor life

Backcountry forum. The place for backcountry enthusiasts – skiing and boarding.

Darren Davis‘s blog. Focus on Mountain Biking.

David Noble. David’s blog covers all things to do with “Bushwalking, peak bagging, canyoning, climbing, caving” and mountain bike riding.

DP Riders. Based at Dinner Plain. MTB riding and event.

Mt Baw Baw resort blog.

Olas + Montanas. ‘Waves & Mountains’. ‘Documenting the wanderings of a curios mind, focusing on the unique environments of Australia and elsewhere with the odd party thrown in’. Lots of nice stuff from the Snowies.

Rolling Ground. Mountain Bike riding and trails in the Snowy Mountains.

telemark Phat. ‘The main goal of Telemark Phat is to become a centre for the telemark community in Australia’.

The Climbing Cyclist, a website “dedicated to providing detailed descriptions of the many wonderful cycling climbs in Victoria” (not surprisingly, many of these are in the Vic Alps).

natural history, & observation

Ben Cruachan – natural history. A natural history site focused on the southern fall of the mountains of Gippsland.

Nature Writer. Although this has a Tasmanian focus, there are some great observations and writings on wild nature on this site from Peter Grant, who is based in Hobart.

Scribbly Gum. The Scribbly Gum Forum is dedicated to people who find joy in observing events in the natural world. It’s the companion forum to our Scribbly Gum website which celebrates seasonal events in nature.

culture & place

Rites of Passage. Reflections on living on the Monaro Tablelands, southern NSW.

environmental action

MyEnvironment blog, focused on forest and climate issues in the Central Highlands east of Melbourne.


Parks Victoria blog for the WePlan alpine planning process.

Silver Wattle at treeline, Mt Toorongo, VIC

2 thoughts on “blogs, forums and opinion”

  1. Has anyone been on Mt Bogong in the past couple of days? What are the conditions like? Worth taking skis for the gullies or just good for a bushwalk? Thanks in advance, Ann

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