Of course, all of Australia is indigenous land, and this website acknowledges this fact. In time I hope to be able to feature both information and interviews from and about local Indigenous communities.

Resources from Indigenous peoples

For details on indigenous languages in the Victorian Alps and surrounding areas, check here.

Voices of people of the Taungurung Clan.

Traditional Owners Reference Group (TORG). A report on the May 2010 gathering of the Alps TORG, held in Jindabyne.

Article on Alpine Traditional Owners re-asserting their rights.

Indigenous related links on this website

Mount Wills (VIC) – some reflections on ownership, connection to place and uncovering the past.

The Jaithmathangs are a range on the western side of the Bogong High Plains in Victoria, which were long known as the Niggerheads. They were renamed in 2009, after consultation with the Indigenous community. There is some information on the issues that came up around the re-naming here.