These are interviews with a range of folks who have made their home in the mountains or who generally have an obsession with the hills. I have a long list of people I want to talk with, and have a few interviews to type up.

Even in the increasingly generic and urban world of the 21st century, landscape and place are still significant for many of us. Love of particular places and environments helps define who we are as people. The following interviews seek to explain how place (mountains in particular) have been defining features in many people’s lives.

Aidan Kempster has been raising profile about the proposal for the Great Forest National Park through riding the trails and roads of the Central Highlands, VIC.

The Big Melt tour

Bob Rich, Moora Moora, Mt Toolebewong, VIC

Casey Wright and Kat Paul are Lake Mountain (VIC) cross country skiers who have been competing in many skiing Championships.

Charley Daniel, Black Rainbow printing, W Tree, VIC

Deb Foskey, Cabanandra , East Gippsland, VIC

Elizabeth MacPhee, Tumut, NSW

Geoff Mosley, Hurstbridge, VIC

Louise Perrin, Mt Buller, VIC

Stephen Curtain, Harrietville, VIC

I am always interested in suggestions of other people to profile, please feel free to get in touch: