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Baw Baw plateau

Snow shoe shuffle at Baw Baw

This event is organised by the Friends of Baw Baw National Park, and will be on August 13.

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Koala spotted in logging coupe near Baw Baw plateau

Volunteers from Wildlife of the Central Highlands (WOTCH) have found a koala on one of their wildlife surveys in an area on the slopes of the Baw Baw plateau where that species had not been sighted in almost two decades.

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Australian Alps Walking Track Clearing – Baw Baw National Park

Long weekend in March (2 – 5 March)

Help clean up the Australian Alps Walking Track where it traverses the Baw Baw plateau. There will be a variety of work to undertake, requiring a range of skills and experience, including chainsawing, brush cutting, clearing debris, transporting equipment and fuel, clearing water bars and replacing/adding track markers.
Parks Victoria will supply all food and water, so please provide us with the days you will attend and any special dietary requirements. You will need to bring all your camping gear (tent, sleeping bag and mat etc.).

We will camp at Jeep Flat Track, a short walk from the Mt St Gwinear carpark. Remember, we will be in alpine conditions, so bring appropriate clothing.

Come for a day or stay the entire four days. To help with planning and catering please book by Thursday 16 February.

Contact: Convenor Peter Maffei, Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation, Bushwalking Victoria by email at or phone 0418 149 465

Last week to have your say on the Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain 2030 project

Both the Lake Mountain and Baw Baw alpine resorts have been going through an extensive planning process and are in the final stages of seeking community input to the various options that have been identified for each resort.

Consultation has led to the creation of Future Direction Papers, which will inform the recommendations that are presented to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

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Keep an eye out for willows and other weeds

The following comes from Parks Victoria.

Help us eradicate willow and other noxious weeds from the Baw Baw and Alpine National Parks by participating in the West Gippsland Peatland Community Threat Surveillance Program, keeping an eye out for willows while you are visiting.

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Victoria’s Great Forest National Park. It’s Time

The vision for a Great Forests National Park, proposed for the mountains east of Melbourne, is gaining momentum.

logoThe Great Forests National Park proposal is a vision for a multi-tiered parks system for bush users and bush lovers alike.

The tallest flowering trees on Earth grow north-east of Melbourne. In their high canopies dwell owls, gliders and Leadbeater’s Possum, Victoria’s endangered faunal emblem, that lives only in the ash forests of the Central Highlands.

These mountain ash forests have flourished along the Great Divide under rich rainfall patterns. They provide most of Melbourne’s drinking water. They have been shown to be among the most carbon-dense forests on Earth due to the relatively cool climate and rapid growth.
GFNP map
The Park, stretching from Kinglake through to the Baw Baws and north-east to Eildon, will protect the forests of the Central Highlands. It will be a world class reserve in Melbourne’s backyard.

It is time for this great vision to be turned into a National Park.

More information here.


eco arts retreats at Baw Baw

This comes from Baw Baw resort. A nice bit of low impact value adding to the resort.

eco_arts_retreats-703x1024The ECO Arts Retreat program consists of Studio and En Plein Air workshop elements inspired by the Pristine Alpine Environment which surrounds you at the Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort. Mixed in with some of the fundamental theory aspects of landscape painting and photography, this years program will be facilitated by the current Mt Baw Baw Arts & Culture Ambassador, Educator and Environmental Expressionist, Peter Biram.

A series of Photography and Painting retreats will be available during summer on the mountain:
9/10 November 2013 : Eco Arts Retreat #1 : Painting
14/15 December 2013 : Eco Arts Retreat #2 : Photography
11/12 January 2014 : Eco Arts Retreat #3 : Painting
1/2 February 2014 : Eco Arts Retreat #4 : Photography

For further information contact:
Caroline Hammond, Mt Baw Baw Arts and Culture Manager on 5165 1136
or email

a proposal for the ‘Great Forest’ national park

Victoria’s Great Forest Experience – Melbourne’s New Playground

Baw Baw plateau
Baw Baw plateau

Just 60 kilometre’s East of Melbourne there grows some of the tallest tree’s on earth. In their high canopy a plethora of gliders, owls and the tiny Leadbeater’s Possum dwells. These forests have flourished along the great divide under rich rainfall patterns and provide most of Melbourne’s drinking water.  The forests been scientifically shown to be the most carbon rich forests on earth due to their cooler climate and epic growth heights.

The new Great Forest National Park is a proposal to create a two tiered park system for bush users and bush lovers alike that protects and maintains this important ecosystem function. The park stretches from the Kinglake National Park right through to the Baw Baw’s and to the North East up to Eildon. The park will host a range of activities such as bike riding, bushwalking, bird walking, 4wd driving, camping, zip line tours and more.

This proposal comes from Healesville Environment Watch, My Environment and Friends of Leadbeatters Possum.

Further details here.

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