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uranium mining in the Victorian Alps?

Now, here’s a serious blast from the past (apologies for the bad pun). While looking through some old files I found an article from 1978 from the Friends of the Earth (FoE) magazine, Chain Reaction (number 4(1), 1978) about the threat of uranium mining in the Victorian Alps.

Back in the mid 1970s, a German company called Urangesellschaft had exploration rights to a very large area of the Alps, from near Tolmie near Mansfield, right down almost as far as Bairnsdale. They had a total of almost 6,000 square kilometres of land under license and this included the Avon wilderness area and large sections of the Wonnangatta valley.

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mountain towns #1. Mansfield

the main drag, Mansfield
the main drag, Mansfield

Out on a broad plain, and encircled by hills, with distant views of the west side of Mt Buller and the front range of the mountains, whats not to like about this town?

Mansfield was established as an agricultural centre, providing support to gold mining in the surrounding areas, and then logging was a major driver for many decades. It was one of the first inland Victorian towns to evolve into a diverse tourist and tree change community, largely because it is the entry point to the Mt Buller alpine resort.

Food, gear and brews. Things to do. Playgrounds.  Check here for the story.

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