The following comes from the Herald Sun.

Mt Bogong summit

A hiker has had to be rescued from a hut at the peak of Mt Bogong after becoming stranded over the weekend.

The 43-year-old man took refuge in Cleve Cole hut on Saturday night after hiking to the top of Mt Bogong.

But falling snow prevented him from navigating his way down the mountain and he called police for help.

Search and rescue officers reached the hut late last night after a long climb.

The man was guided down this morning.

Police Acting Sergeant Scott Dower said winter hikers should be careful.

“If you are going hiking, be sure to prepare yourself and check the weather forecast and snow conditions before you head out,” he said.

“If you get lost, stop, seek shelter and wait for help.

“Keep your mobile phone charged, don’t travel alone and always let someone know where you are going.”

The search and rescue squad rescued seven people during the 2011 snow season, including a man who suffered hypothermia after he became lost in Alpine National Park without appropriate clothing.

Police said hikers should read the Snowsafe guide at before setting off.