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Mt Wellington

Carlton & United Breweries asked to host Mt Wellington cable car

The ongoing saga about the proposal to build a cable car up the face of Mt Wellington/ kunanyi continues.

The latest development involves a request from the proponent of the cable car to access land owned by Carlton & United Breweries (the Cascade Brewery), to use as the base for their cable car, which would run from South Hobart to the top of Mount Wellington (kunanyi).

As the Wellington Defenders say: “this inappropriate and culturally insensitive development would “scar” the mountain, ruining the majestic view of Mount Wellington that the citizens of Hobart enjoy. Not only would the cable car be an ugly scar upon the mountain, but it would ruin the sense of wilderness Hobartons come to enjoy on the mountain”.

There is a petition urging CUB to refuse the request available here.

Please sign and share.

Tasmanian government intervenes in Mt Wellington cable car debate

This is a huge worry. The cable car that has been proposed for kunanyi/ Mount Wellington, in Hobart, which has been looking ever less likely to proceed, has just received a massive boost. The Tasmanian government has announced that it will will acquire land, and enact new land ownership laws to help clear the way for a cable car development application.

This project would cause major visual scarring to the mountain and many localised ecological impacts. It represents an old fashioned ‘Disneyland’ approach to tourism and is widely opposed by the community in Hobart. You can find background information here.

The following is taken from a news report that appeared in The Sunday Tasmanian newspaper on February 25, 2017. Authors are Patrick Billings and Simeon Thomas-Wilson.

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Mt Wellington road to be heritage-listed

Anyone who has been to Hobart has probably been up Mt Wellington (kunanyi), the charismatic mountain that sits over the city. The road up the mountain allows you to get from sea level to an alpine environment with incredible views with just a short drive.

While there is an ongoing fight to stop a cable car which has been proposed for the mountain, the mountain top itself is largely undeveloped. Hobart City Council has just started a process to include Pinnacle Rd as a heritage-listed item in the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

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Mt Wellington cable car proposal looking less likely

There is a welcome development regarding the cable car which is planned for Mt Wellington (kunanyi). It has been long resisted by local residents.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has recently announced the findings of a review it had carried out into the planning process. It found that there had been significant problems in the planning process around this development. It is now up to the Wellington Park Management Trust to decide whether to rezone the development boundary on the pinnacle in order to allow for a commercial ‘pinnacle centre’ to be located just above the organ pipes and a cable car on the face of Mt Wellington.

The following comes from Residents Opposing the Cable Car (ROCC).

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Mt Wellington cable car one step closer?

There is a proposal for a cable car on Mt Wellington/ kunanyi in Hobart. The Wellington Park Management Trust or WPMT have recently approved the extension to the Pinnacle Specific Area (the area open to development on top of the mountain). The Tasmanian Planning Commission is currently reviewing the Wellington Park Management Trust’s decision to extend the Pinnacle Specific Area, and the next option open to the community is to ask the Tasmanian Planning Commission to hold public hearings regarding this decision.

Residents Opposed to the Cable Car (ROCC) doesn’t believe the WPMT have adequately considered the representations made to them regarding the extension of the Pinnacle Specific Area, and has written to the TPC and the Hobart City Council asking them to hold public hearings. ROCC is asking concerned people to also contact the Tasmanian Planning Commission and urge them to hold public hearings. Numbers really matter and we need all the people who really care to stand up and be counted.

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‘The Mountain’ book launch tonight

Five years in the making, The Mountain is the first photographer’s monograph on Mt Wellington in nearly 20 years.

Mark Clemens has created a superb photographic collection highlighting the uniqueness of this wild place on Hobart’s back doorstep with a foreword by award winning Tasmanian novelist, Heather Rose.

A photographic evocation of the Mountain’s own intrinsic nature: it lets the Mountain have its own voice and tell its own story.

The Mountain is Hardback $49.95, and is printed in Hobart to the highest specs.

Part of the proceeds go to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Reservation essential to:   or (03) 6234 3800


Follow The Mountain on


September 18, 2014 at 5:30pm – 6:30pm


Fullers Bookshop
131 Collins St
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


public meeting on the Mt Wellington cable car proposal

Saturday 23/08/2014 at 11:00 am

Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association

101 Cascade Rd, South Hobart

Come and hear what the boundary change to the Pinnacle Specific Area really means and how it will affect the mountain. Learn how to make your submission to the Wellington Park Management Trust most effective.

The Facebook page for the meeting is available here.

For background information on the cable car proposal, please check here.

Organised by Respect the Mountain.


Global rock climbers alarmed at cable car proposal

This is impressive. A remarkable group of climbers have joined together to express their opposition to the proposed cable car development on Mt Wellington/ kunanyi in Hobart. There are some real luminaries of the climbing world signed on, and this will help bring international attention to this ridiculous project.

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Organ Pipes ‘under threat’

The following is an update on the threat to Mt Wellington/kunanyi posed by a proposed cable car. It is a press release from Residents Opposed to the Cable Car (ROCC) Media Release, originally posted on Tasmanian Times.

The Wellington Park Management Trust has today announced an increase in the size of the proposed development at the top of the mountain, at the Pinnacles.

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