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Mt Wellington

Public forum: Reclaim Our Reserves!

The Tasmanian Liberal government continues to pursue an agenda that would see national parks and other protected areas opened up to further commercial tourism. After spending decades working to see these areas protected, environmental groups are organised against the many specific proposals. Now there is a growing connection being drawn between the various groups and issues in play across the state.

There will be a public forum in Hobart on December 10 to address the scale of the threats to wild places.

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Cable Car application is ‘incomplete’

The long attempt by a developer to build a cable car up the face of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart continues. The proponent, Mt Wellington Cable Car (MWCC) has submitted it’s Development Application (DA) to Hobart City Council. However local resident’s group Respect the Mountain. No Cable Car say that the DA application is incomplete.

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TAS Major Projects Assessment legislation in parliament this week?

The Major Projects legislation has been widely condemned by community, residents and environmental groups in Tasmania. Now the state government has confirmed they will table the Major Projects legislation this week in Parliament (possibly as early as August 18).

Community group Planning Matters Tasmania (PMT) is calling on Tasmanians to contact the ALP to urge them to oppose the legislation.

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Cable car developer lodges extra information on proposal

A developer has long attempted to build a cable car up the face of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington, above Hobart (background information available here). It has been resisted for years by local residents, environmentalists, and many others who fear the visual impacts of the project.

The proponent, Mount Wellington Cable Way Company (MWCC), had been requested by Hobart City Council (HCC) to provide additional information before it could consider the development application (DA). MWCC has now provided extra details.

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No Fast Track for dodgy developers in Tasmania

The community continues to oppose plans by the Tasmanian government to radically increase private commercial development in the state’s national parks and World Heritage Areas.

However, the government continues to push ahead with it’s anti environment agenda. Now it’s proposed Major Project Legislation is back for a third time and this version should ring alarm bells for everyone concerned about protecting wild places.

Main concerns about the legislation when it comes to wild places like World Heritage Areas include:

  • The Major Projects Bill gives the minister total power to declare a major project which removes it from the normal local council planning process, and virtually any development that would normally go to a local council could be declared a major project.
  • All controversial projects around Tasmania such as the cable car on kunanyi/ Mt Wellington or the Lake Malbena Helicopter proposal could be fast tracked.
  • The community will have no right to appeal against the approval of a major project and will have limited right to have input.

Please make a submission – we have until May 15 2020.

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A new year, time for new campaign issues?

We still have a long hot dry summer ahead of us. And fires that threaten the mountains that we love so much. But we are also moving towards New Years Eve, when people often make their plans for the coming year.

For me a big part of my planning for the year is to lock in my backcountry trips (here’s my favourite 3 backcountry adventures). Obviously it’s good to have a long think about life, the universe and everything. And then there is activism. 

Sadly, on the activist front there will be lots to do in 2020. Here’s a few ideas on where you may want to put your shoulder to the wheel.

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Update on the kunanyi/ Mt Wellington cablecar proposal

Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) want to build a cablecar up the face of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart. This is being resisted by a determined community based campaign. Things have been a bit quiet of late. Here is an update from Residents Opposed to the Cable Car which highlight some significant shortcomings in the development application for the cablecar proposal.

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Cable car public meeting

Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) want to build a cablecar up the face of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart. This is being resisted by a determined community based campaign. MWCC have organised two public meetings for South Hobart residents and then cancelled them at the last minute. South Hobart Progress Association have therefore decided to organise their own meeting – focusing on the impact 180,000 extra cars a year will have on South Hobart residents. It will happen on August 24. All welcome.

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Campaign against Mount Wellington cable car keeps growing

The long campaign against a cable car that has been proposed for kunanyi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart, has entered a pivotal moment, with the developers having lodged a development application for the proposal.

In response, local group Residents Opposed to the Cable Car has issued a statement outlining how they will be ramping up their campaign against this unpopular and destructive project.

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(Another) vigil for the mountain

As the long campaign against the cable car planned for kunanyi/ Mt Wellington continues, the residents group Respect the Mountain is keeping the pressure on the developer and all levels of government involved in the approvals process.

They have now announced there will be a peaceful vigil outside the Wellington Park Management Trust Meeting to highlight the Trusts continued involvement in ‘pushing this inappropriate proposal for the people’s mountain’.

The Trust has an important role in looking after the mountain but has been criticised by many in the community during the campaign.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 9 AM – 10 AM

Facebook page (will have extra info and updates closer to the day) available here.

Human sign on kunanyi/ Mt Wellington

There was a great turnout at the human sign event over the weekend to show opposition to the cable car planned for kunanyi/ Mt Wellington.

Check the video here.

For images, check the Respect The Mountain facebook page.

Background on the campaign available here.

IMAGE: Rob Blakers.

Public meeting on the kunanyi/ Mt Wellington cablecar

Tomorrow night (Tuesday April 15) the long awaited public meeting on the cable car proposal for kunanyi/ Mt Wellington will be held. Members of the Council, Wellington Park Trust and the Department of State Growth will be on hand to answer your questions. Let’s fill the place! Banners and placards are welcome.

7pm for 7.30pm at the City Hall – not the Town Hall! 56-63 Macquarie Street.

You can RSVP on Facebook

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